Uh... yum? Would you eat these crazy ballpark foods?

Wrigley Field via Facebook

Donuts plus bacon.

Hot dogs topped with pork.

A burger with two pizzas for a bun.

And lots of snacks served in miniature baseball helmets.

If there's one place you can find outrageous (and maybe heart attack-inducing) food creations, it's your local ballpark. Call them stunts, call them genius, call them delicious -- they're definitely not your standard burgers and fries.

From Wrigley Field to PNC Park, and every ballpark in between, we've picked out the most surprising and outrageous foods -- along with a few just plain delicious snacks -- being served up at America's ball games. 

We scoured stadium concessions and restaurant menus from all 50 states (and D.C.), that feed fans at major and minor league games, as well as at other sports venues across the country. What we found included belly-busting burgers, ballpark brunch, doughnut sandwiches, locally-inspired dishes, fresh sushi and, of course, every kind of hot dog imaginable. 

Don't strike out the next time you're grubbing at the big game.  Check out these crazy delicious ballpark foods.