Football fans absolutely hate these 40 people

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People sure do love football... and they sure do love to get super angry about football. We're not just talking about your average rivalries, here. Players can get people all riled up, too, and not just because they win or lose too much. 

In 2018, SportingNews tried to answer the question of who the most-hated players in NFL history are. They set some limitations on themselves. There's a reason, for example, why O.J. Simpson isn't No. 1 on this list. Players convicted of murder, such as Rae Carruth and Aaron Hernandez, were left off, as was Simpson, whose crimes came after his playing career ended. Ray Rice, who was publicly flogged for punching his eventual-wife in 2014, was also left off the list because the incident ended his playing career. In other words, the list was limited to only including players who were hated while they were active in the NFL.

(Written by Steven Taranto)