Must-See: Marvel College Football Helmets for the Top Schools 

By Staff Writer
Scott Francisco, 247Sports

College football is awesome. Marvel characters are awesome. Concept helmets are awesome. Put them all together, and what do you have? A gallery of Marvel- and MCU-inspired helmets for Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan and other top college football schools.

In the spirit of our other uniform collections, including NFL helmets done up in college-team colors, we’ve mashed up the FBS and Marvel universe. Oregon Ducks, meet Howard the Duck. Pittsburgh Panthers, meet Black Panther. Rutgers Scarlet Knights, meet WandaVision -- or, rather, Scarlet Witch.  

Now, it’s one thing for us to say, "Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if the Florida Gators were recast in the image of the Lizard?" (Florida Lizards, get it?) It’s another thing to make these ideas into graphic reality. Enter digital designer and 247Sports contributor Scott Francisco. Scott took our Marvel-ous ideas for more than three dozen colleges, and created more than three dozen must-see pieces of gridiron art.

The task of creating the helmets meant addressing some tricky questions: How to retain the school spirit of each program's uniform and logo? How to retain the clobberin' spirit of each Marvel character? How to bring everything together? “Sometimes I leaned a little bit toward the school, and for others a bit more toward the character,” Scott says. “[It] just really depended on the original design of the helmet.”

'Nuff said. Let's get to the domes. Trust us, true believers, they're awesome.